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Valle Nevado — Other activities

When the big storms come through most of the lifts shut down. Valle Nevado has taken precautions to make sure the guests are entertained. A movie theater, swimming pool, game room, gymnasium, and the bars go into full swing once the snow starts falling. In addition, Valle Nevado has a complete spa with half day spa treatments with massage, algae therapy, and facials. If things are still a little boring, vineyard tours via helicopter are also available.
Helicopter skiing

Rates start at $144 and go up to $814 per person, depending on how many runs and where this four-passenger bird flies. There are 3 valleys the chopper accesses; the further the distance, the more dinero ($). Flying over the Andes in a helicopter and getting dropped off on 12,000 foot peaks is quite an experience, not to mention the possibility of scoring a 6,000 vertical foot run. For most, this added expense for a ski trip in Chile is significant, but how often are you riding snow in the Chilean Andes? If it makes you feel better put the heli riding in the “you only live once” category, and live it up.