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Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado is one of the most popular ski and snowboard resorts in South America

Valle Nevado is enormous. With over 22,000 acres, this resort could hold Whistler, Vail, Jackson Hole, and Snowbird all within its boundaries, and this does not even include the backcountry possibilities. Being one of the few world class resorts in the Andes, Valle Nevado is quickly becoming popular with the serious skiers and snowboarders of North America and Europe. From the world class hotels and restaurants to the 6,000 vertical foot heli runs, the secrets of Valle Nevado have been well kept over the years. Well… until now.



Designed by a French company in the mid 80s, the idea was to build a modern ski area with all the luxuries similar to the giant resorts in Europe. Today Valle Nevado sits isolated in the Andes Mountains with three hotels, two condominium complexes, seven restaurants, three bars, discotheque, a complete spa, and don’t forget, 22,000 acres of Andean snow. Around an hour and a half from Santiago, skiers and snowboarders can arrive at the airport in the morning and be riding some of the driest snow in South America by noon. Once at the resort, the staff, the service, the amenities, and the 22,000 acres are guaranteed to provide an unbelievable ski experience in South America, let alone the world.

The Valle Nevado Phenomenon: Valle Nevado sits east and behind two other large ski resorts. Usually when storms roll in, high, strong winds accompany the low pressure system. Unfortunately for the other resorts, the wind scours the upper parts of the mountain and blows the snow up and over the ridge into Valle Nevado. At times the other resorts will report a few inches and Valle Nevado will report a few feet.


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