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Canyons — Mountain layout

The skiing and riding at The Canyons is spread across eight mountain peaks. Here’s a trail map.





Expert, Advanced: Most of The Canyons’ terrain is not visible from the base area. What you can’t see are chutes and gullies as extreme as any in Utah.

Most of The Canyons’ real expert terrain is in the trees off the Ninety Nine 90 Express, Tombstone Express and the Super Condor Express. These lifts follow ridges, with the trees and steep runs dropping away on either side. Ninety Nine 90 has heart-stopping chutes off to the right like Red Pine and Charlie Brown. Peak 5 terrain is touted as intermediate tree skiing, but the trees—lots and lots of trees—make this area more of an expert’s playground. The Condor chair takes you to terrain that is very steep, such as the South Side Chutes or the dense glades of Canis Lupis. Head to the top of Murdock Peak for ungroomed bowl descents.


Intermediate: There are blue runs from every chair, but sometimes only one or two per chair. Check your trail maps or ask a guest guide.

The best trails are in the center of the resort, under the Saddleback Express (Snow Dancer is quite nice), The Snow Canyon Express (wide paths here) and the lower mountain.

The blue runs under the Condor and Tombstone chairs are fun intermediate challenges, especially the double-blues like Cloud 9 (running the length of the Tombstone Express) and Apex Ridge next to the Super Condor Express. Ski Aplande, which takes off from Apex Ridge, a few times and you may feel up to some black runs like Devil’s Friend and Rendezvous Ridge.


Beginner, First-timer: The Canyons has seven acres of beginner terrain near the top of the Flight of The Canyons gondola. The area is set aside from skier traffic and is framed by trees that separate beginners from main trails.

There are also beginner trails off the High Meadow and Saddleback lifts and in the Dreamscape area.

We suggest you enroll in lessons to have a knowledgeable guide to keep you out of difficult terrain.