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The Canyons, Park City, Utah

The Canyons Resort is the closest Park City ski resort to the Salt Lake CIty airport yet close enough to enjoy all the nightlife, dining and shopping in the delightful town of Park City. It has undergone a major transformation in the last ten years and is now one of the nation’s top five resorts in skiable terrain.

The Canyons, UtahThe Canyons Resort is just a few miles away from the historic downtown area of Park City and is connected by a free shuttle service. The American Skiing Company (ASC) bought The Canyons in 1997 and has transformed the resort. Just about every lift and building has been replaced, rebuilt or otherwise improved. With eight mountain peaks, The Canyons Resort is now one of the nation’s top five largest resorts.

The Grand Summit Resort Hotel is the focal point of the base development. It appears as if ASC has finally tossed aside the cookie-cutter design used in their eastern Grand Summit hotels. This hotel is actually worthy of the adjective “grand.” The circular base village with its arched entrance is warm and inviting which creates a cozy feel to an area that opens up to a humongous amount of terrain and awesome vistas.

The local motto is “If you can see it, you can ski it.” Gates to out-of-bounds skiing have serious signs warning of avalanche danger. Lives have been lost in recent years by people who didn’t heed the warnings. There is so much expert and advanced terrain within bounds at The Canyons that you can literally explore the mountain until you drop from exhaustion and still not get to everything during a weeklong vacation.Tree skiing here is challenging and huge fun. Intermediates have plenty to choose from and this is a great mountain if you want to improve to the next level. Beginners and first-timers have seven acres set aside specifically for them.

The new quad DreamCatcher will serve 200 just-opened acres of mostly upper intermediate and advanced terrain. The Tombstone Express high-speed quad has been replaced by a six-pack and the Cabriolet from the main parking lot has 12 new cabins. The Canyons wants to keep you moving, not standing in line.

The Canyons is one of the trio of resorts that make up the Park City area’s skiing. It shares the amenities of the old mining town with the other two: Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley. Plan to ski all three while you’re here.