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Termas de Chillan, Chile

Termas de Chillan combines skiing and snowboarding with the soothing elegance of a thermal resort.

Lying at the base of the breathing Volcan Chillan, Termas Chillan Ski, Spa & CasinoResort is a unique combination of world class riding and hot, mineral springs tucked away in the southern Andes. With a modern casino adding another dimension.

With smoke steaming from the many natural vents of the mountain and from the three large mineral pools, the setting is quite surreal for a ski resort.

The terrain is remarkable. A way to look at it might be to imagine a candle in a bottle that has burned down and the wax has flowed down the bottle’s side and hardened with its rivlits and streams. The view from the highest lift is certainl one of the most dramatic in the ski or snowboard world.

Situated 5 hours south of Santiago, the mountains here tend to be a little cooler then the other northern resorts and this usually ensures better snow quality. Weeks after a storm, fresh, dry powder can still be found on the steep south faces that surround the resort.

Another bonus to Termas de Chillan is it is home to the longest lift in Chile. The Don Otto double chair may be antique but it climbs 2,310 vertical feet, and accesses the steepest part of the mountain.


And after a hard day of riding 3,000 vertical foot runs, it is relaxing to know the world renowned spa is there to ease the pain.