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Steamboat — Other activities

Steamboat has so much to do off the mountain, it’s tempting to skip the skiing. Here is a mere sampling:

Soak in the natural thermal waters at Strawberry Park Hot Springs (879-0342), about 10 miles north of the ski area. Unless you have four-wheel drive, spend extra for a tour that includes transportation—the road to the springs is narrow, slick, steep and winding and parking is extremely limited. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the week and stays open a little later on weekends. Helpful info: After dark, many bathers go without suits (unless it’s a moonlit night, you won’t see much) and Wednesdays are often designated as “clothing optional” days/nights. The only place to change is an unheated teepee, so wear your swimsuit under your clothes. Many people bring a plastic bag to store their clothes; otherwise steam from the pools combined with the cold air may freeze them. Water shoes will protect your feet from the rocky entry. Beverages are OK as long as they aren’t in a glass container.

Families might prefer the Steamboat Health and Recreation Center (879-1828) in downtown Steamboat with lockers, workout rooms, hot springs pools, lap pools and a huge waterslide.


Day spas we recommend are Rocky Mountain Spa (870-9860) on Burgess Creek Rd. at the mountain; Life Essentials (871-9543) downtown; Sol Day Spa (871-9765) in the Sheraton Hotel; and Bear River Therapists (879-8282). The Steamboat Grand (871-5514) also has a full-service spa. Ask for their signature treatments and enjoy.

Learn to drive on slick roads at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School (800-949-7543; 879-6104). Half-day, full-day and multiday lessons on a specially constructed course are a unique experience, one that could save your life.

Steamboat Powdercats (877-624-2538 or 870-9359) offers deep powder cat skiing and boarding in the Steamboat vicinity. Runs vary in length from 600 to 1,600 vertical feet and in steepness from 20 and 45 degrees.

Other activities include dogsled rides (879-4662), ice skating at Howelsen Ice Arena (879-0341), ice climbing (879-8440), indoor climbing (879-5421), indoor tennis (879-8400), snowmobile touring, tubing, horseback riding and hot-air ballooning. Several businesses offer these last two activities; ask when you get into town. There are far too many more to list. You can make reservations for activities through Steamboat Central Reservations (800-922-2722; 879-0740) or Windwalker Premier Tours (800-748-1642; 879-8065).

Shopping opportunities are many and varied, both in the village and downtown. The Sports Stalker (879-0371) at Gondola Square rents ski clothes, mainly courtesy of the airline that lost your luggage. Steamboat has a movie theater downtown and a six-plex opened in 2006 near the mountain village.