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Portillo — Lodging


Portillo can hold about 450 guests and offers three different types of accommodation. There are no other hotels in the area, and this usually insures no lift lines. Staying at Portillo is equivalent to being on a cruise ship. Everything is included and any extras can be charged to the room. There is no need to carry a wallet, and that makes this mountain paradise a little more enjoyable. The rooms do not have televisions; social interaction is encouraged in this way.

Most packages are Saturday to Saturday and include four meals a day, lift tickets, and access to all hotel facilities, except the spa. There are low, regular, and high season rates depending on the time of year.

The Hotel Portillo (above, $$$$) has many different room options from suites with decks overlooking the lake to apartment style rooms for families. Single and double rooms are also available.

The Octagon Lodge (right, $$$) has two sets of bunk beds in each room, a private bathroom, and private decks on the second floor with astounding views.

The most economical choice is the Inca Lodge (left, $$) with two sets of bunk beds in a small room with a shared bathroom.

For reservations from the US call 800-829-5325 and from Canada call 800-514-2579.

Note: Occasionally, when storms roll in the highway to Portillo and Argentina shuts down. This can be a problem if trying to make a flight out of Santiago. The reception at Portillo is very helpful when this situation arises and should be consulted when the weather changes. Those stranded at the mountain must pay full price for the first extra day, and half price for each extra day afterwards; hotel personnel do their best to forewarn against coming storms. For those unable to get to the resort, special arrangements are made with deluxe Santiago hotels.

Accommodations Legend: (double room) $$$$–$200+; $$$–$141–$200; $$–$81–$140; $–$80 and less.