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Portillo — Getting there and around

Portillo is located about 100 miles from the Santiago International Airport. There are daily direct flights to Santiago from cities in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. There are also flights to Santiago from several other cities in the world with only one connection.

Portillo has two in-house transportation services that go from Santiago to the mountain. The shuttle is $90 per person, and a private transfer will cost around $280. Email [email protected] or [email protected] for reservations.

Ski Total (56 2) 246 0156,, in Santiago offers transportation to Portillo for $33 per person, minimum of 5 people. The least expensive way to get to Portillo is to take a bus from Santiago to Mendoza, Argentina, and get off at Portillo just before the border crossing. The reliable bus company, Tur Bus (, has a few buses a day to Mendoza, Argentina for around $18. If possible by tickets in advanced.

Note: Occasionally, when storms roll in the highway to Portillo and Argentina shuts down. This can be a problem if trying to make a flight out of Santiago. The reception at Portillo is very helpful when this situation arises and should be consulted when the weather changes. Those stranded at the mountain must pay full price for the first extra day, and half price for each extra day afterwards; hotel personnel do their best to forewarn against coming storms. For those unable to get to the resort, special arrangements are made with deluxe Santiago hotels.

Visas: Countries whose citizens should pay for a Tourist Visa upon entering Chile include the following: Australia US$34; Canada US$50; United States US$ 100; Mexico US$100; among others. In the case of the United States, the visa is valid for the length of the passport used to initially enter Chile. These fees are reciprocity taxes and are applied to countries that charge Chileans for applying for a visa. These fees should be paid in cash in either Chilean pesos or US dollars in the Santiago International airport, or by American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Checks are not accepted.