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Fernie — Snowboarding, Parks and pipes

Mountain Layout—Snowboarding

Fernie’s natural terrain is a big draw to snowboarders. However, you’ll find Fernie a challenge simply because of all the traverses. To access the best-kept secrets, you’ll have to follow some harrowing traverses that are lo-o-ong excursions. However, the snowboarders we talked to all said the great terrain is worth every bit of the agony it requires to get to it. Your best bet is to explore each bowl thoroughly before moving on to the next one so as to minimize some of the traversing (such as to get back from the Haul Back T-bar). You definitely want to avoid the very long run-out at the bottom of Falling Star, where you’ll end up walking out—most riders only use it when they return from hiking in the backcountry on this side of the mountain.

Parks and pipes
Fernie has eliminated its meticulously groomed halfpipe as a safety measure initiated by its parent company, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. A terrain park with rails and hits is on Upper Falling Star and is accessible by the Timber Bowl Express Quad. But most skiers and riders come here for the natural terrain.